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The best way to promote your brand and look great at the same time!


Custom Screen Printing


Screen printing is one of the best choices when it comes to specialty products with vibrant colors.
Our team will make sure your images look great on any garment you choose them for.

Promote your team's events with custom printed clothing.
Here at Macdesign we are able to make high quality custom screen printing for any event in any format.


screen printed shirt


Hoodies, T-Shirts, Long Sleeves Shirts and More!


With our huge line of clothing products your business is sure to get noticed. Promote your brand and impress your clients with hats, hoodies, t-shirts and other clothing to get their attention quickly and keep them engaged.

Build your client base and keep it. Show your clients your appreciation by gifting them with special marketing items which go above and beyond. From technology they will use every day to leather briefcases which will be sure to impress, you can keep that huge account while promoting your brand.




Stylish Brand Name Clothing with High Quality Embroidery


Our Embroiderers can make Quality images on The Clothing of Your Choice


Our custom embroidery is a high quality product perfect for any event. Whether you're making hats for the team or hoodies for the crew, you'll be happy when you see the quality of our custom stitched embroidery.





Questions about Screen Printing & Embroidery? Here are some answers!


Which is Better? Screen printing or Embroidery?

Screen printing and Embroidery are both great ways to decorate your clothing. The option you choose would most likely have to do with the type of image and it’s size, as well as the garment you’d like to display it on.  For each product we have to offer, we will give you the option to obtain a quote for both methods if they are available for that particular item. You can compare pricing and decide for yourself if one works better for you. If a garment is NOT recommended for Printing or Embroidery, that option will not be shown.

Screen-Printing is durable and cost-effective. The days of printed images fading, peeling off or washing away are gone. Our screen-printing is high quality and made to last.

Embroidery is extremely durable. Since it is sewn right to the clothing, it is basically there for ever. In most cases, the embroidery will outlast the clothing, so you can be sure it will endure almost anything your clothing goes through.


What's the difference between screen-printing and just using an Iron-on decal from my printer at home?

Screen-Printed Images are made by passing ink through a mesh screen directly onto a garment. The colors are each printed with a separate screen. The ink we use in this process is extremely durable. You will not have to worry about this product fading or washing off.

With Iron-ons from your printer, ink from your printer is applied to special thermal paper, which is then pressed (with heat) to the garment.

Iron-on products tend to be much less durable and will most definitely fade, peel or wash away in a short amount of time. This might be okay for a garment that you only plan to wear a few times, but it certainly won’t give you the longevity of that which you would see in a product with a direct screen print.


Will screen-printing fade away after a few washings?

Short answer, No!

The days of screen printing fading away after a few washes are long gone. The ink product we use to develop the images on clothing is a high grade ink and will last for as long as your garment will.




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